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Margit Hiie

Margit is a passionate gardener, connoisseur of all things beautiful, lover of art. She is strongly influenced by childhood summers spent at a picturesque village Koguva on Muhu island and also at her grandmother's little farm in southern Estonia. Nature, colours, tastes, smells of countryside have always been close to her heart. Roots of love for all things pretty lie deep in those early years. Eye for beauty quite naturally lead to the interest of art. She has a significant role curating her family art collection over the last 30 years. The collection mostly includes Estonian art from the 20th and 21st century, among others artworks by Evald Okas and Epp Maria Kokamägi, who both have used her as a model for some of their paintings. A fascination with ceramics, especially created by Liisu Arro, passion for jewellery and design books is expressed in lovely collections of each. Her lush gardens, both in the countryside home as well as in Haapsalu, have developed over time into romantic oases taking an example of English, French and Italian gardens she admires and loves to visit whenever possible. As our client and dear friend, she has been our muse since day one.


  1. Mindset? 
    There is something beautiful and joyful in every day.
  2. Favourite time of day? 
     Golden hour.
  3. One thing people don’t know about you? 
    I prefer to be more behind the camera than in front of it.
  4. Biggest weakness?
  5. Biggest strength?
    Ability to pull myself together in difficult times.
  6. A cause important to you? 
    My family, my friends, my dogs.
  7. The biggest compliment you’ve ever received?
    That I’ve created a welcoming home and a beautiful garden.
  8. What makes you smile the most?
    Looking at my grandchildren.
  9. Favourite time of the year?
    From spring to early autumn.
  10. Relationship with Haapsalu?
    Years ago our family had a lovely second home in Haapsalu. Although that time is over now, memories of wonderful weekends spent there will always remain. Haapsalu has a very special place in my heart. 
  11. Your current favourite piece from the Luxe Hapsal collection that you own?
    My favourite piece is the Anna Dress in grey linen. Super stylish, easy to dress up with glamorous accessories or wear more casually on a daily basis.
  12. What’s inspiring you in life right now?
    Many things inspire me. Nature, music, art, movies, books, fashion, design, friends…
  13. Biggest regret?
    No regrets. What’s done is done, what´s gone is gone.
  14. Favourite travel destination? 
    Beautiful destinations in Europe, especially in Italy and France. I also adore small English towns and villages, i.e. Cotswolds, to visit gorgeous British gardens.
  15. What do you usually eat for breakfast?
    Usually I skip breakfast. I eat for the first time around 12.
  16. A book you recently finished?
    "Driving Over Lemons: An Optimist in Andalucía" by Chris Stewart.
  17. Dogs or cats?
  18. Favourite holiday? 
    Midsummer's Day.
  19. One thing you’ve always wanted to try but you’ve been too scared to do?
    To live some colder months of the year somewhere with a warmer climate.
  20. Favourite flower?
    I like most flowers. I love English roses, lilies, violas, lavender.
  21. Do you like surprises?
    Love surprises.
  22. Something you dream about?
    At the moment, I dream of a beautiful summer and outdoor living.
    In general, I dream that our grandchildren will have a free, independent, nice and prosperous Estonia to live in.
    More personally, I dream of embracing aging with ease without losing the joy of life.
  23. The best thing that happened recently?
    The arrival of a grandson and granddaughter.
*Margit is pictured in her home garden that is situated in Harjumaa, Estonia.
*Photography by Johannes Arro
*Margit wears our: 
Anna Dress in grey linen, 
Fatima kaftan in blue striped linen, 
Fatima kaftan in greige striped linen, 
Inga Dress in emerald green linen,
Olivia Dress in olive green linen.