Luxe Hapsal® is a slow fashion brand celebrating the relaxed chic Nordic riviera style. The collections are proudly designed and made in Haapsalu, Estonia, featuring natural and sustainable fibers.
Luxe Hapsal womenswear collections are crafted from high-quality OEKO-TEX certified European linen fabrics and the iconic Haapsalu shawls from the luxurious European and Japanese yarns.


Luxe Hapsal is led by a pioneering mother-and-daughter duo, Heli and Maria. The core ethos of the company reflects the desire to create designs that can be passed from one generation to the next and be loved by women of all ages.

They thoughtfully design their slow fashion collections in their charming seaside town inspired by the Nordic riviera's natural beauty, lifestyle and rich artisanal history in respect for the environment and its people. Each of the slow fashion collections are proudly and ethically, Made in Haapsalu, Estonia. 

Luxe Hapsal founders


Our Luxe Hapsal Lifestyle Collection is designed to have something for the mother and for the daughter just like the founders. The pieces are great to be worn barefoot frolicking in the garden by day, and paired with heels for an elegant seaside dinner by night. Each of our pieces is created using sustainable and natural 100% OEKO-TEX® certified linen, and is proudly Designed and Made in our Hapsal ateliers. 

Our first complete Lifestyle Collection was launched in 2019 and quickly sells out online. For collaboration enquiries or retail opportunities, contact us at: info@luxehapsal.com

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The city of Haapsalu, formerly known as Hapsal, is situated in Estonia. Haapsalu is rich in history with tales of Russian aristocrats, British royalty, poets and composers – all loving to visit this magical seaside resort town. The future Emperor Alexander III with his family and courtiers, Peter the I, Lord Louis Mountbatten, composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky and Ernst Enno – all enjoyed the poetic charm.

This background rich in culture inspires the founders to design limited edition collections featuring chic linen dresses and resortwear for an international clientele. Each season they draw inspiration from this charming Nordic Riviera resort town and its atmosphere with the luminous seaside and a slower, relaxed flow of time. 




We believe in mindful, careful consumption. In reducing waste, in creating long-lasting garments that serve many needs so you can buy fewer of them. We care deeply about making things the right way, but we also want to run our business the right way, and our business is more than just our product. Respect for the people we work with, relationships, our company culture, the environment, humanity, the natural materials we build our products from - it is just as important to us as the things we make. It drives us forward and motivates us to do better. And we can always do better.

We are a label born out of dislike for excess and desire for quality. Practicality, elegance, comfort and attention to detail are at the forefront of our philosophy.

We cut and sew all of our garments locally in our Haapsalu design studio using only the highest quality, natural fiber cloth. Quality cloth is significantly more durable, feels better against your skin, and gets softer with each wear.

We strive to create thoughtful, well-designed, and long-lasting garments. By ultimately creating seasonless pieces, we aim to discourage the disposable view of clothing that has become increasingly pervasive. Our hope is to return to the days of a wardrobe worthy of care and passing on.

We work hard to pare a design down to its true essence, removing anything that is nonessential. We seek classic silhouettes that are still modern, with style that transcends time and place.

It is our hope that by producing and consuming mindfully, we can focus on craftsmanship, reduce waste, and create truly impeccable clothing for the discerning individual.



Luxe Hapsal on loodud ajatu disaini, kvaliteetsete materjalide, jätkusuutliku moe ja detailitundliku esteetika austajatele. Meie kollektsioonid on eetiliselt toodetud limiteeritud seeriatena Haapsalus, kasutades vaid noobleid naturaalseid materjale.