Epp Maria Kokamägi

Epp Maria Kokamägi is an artist extraordinaire from Estonia who runs her art gallery in Old Town Haapsalu. Let's get further acquainted.

Name: Epp Maria Kokamägi
Occupation: Artist, www.eppmaria.ee


  1. Mindset? 
    Beauty is what makes us happy and gentle, so better people. Better people, better world.
  2. Favourite time of day? 
    Afternoon, when light is still golden.Time feels stopping in golden moment.
  3. One thing people don’t know about you? 
    I am not a strong person at all. People think very often that I am.
  4. Biggest weakness?
    Too sensitive.
  5. Biggest strength?
    Ready to fight for my family if necessary.
  6. A cause important to you? 
  7. The biggest compliment you’ve ever received?
    The biggest compliment is when I was told that my painting has healed when feeling down and sick.
  8. What makes you smile the most?
    Many things make me smile like amazingly beautiful music, flowers, my grandchildren, my pets, dogs and cats, beautiful light reflecting from sky to sea…
  9. Favourite time of the year?
    Golden end of summer, a bit before autumn frosts. Garden is full of ripe apples and berries, flowers still blossom and sun and seawater are still warm before cold breaks in.
  10. Relationship with Haapsalu?
    Haapsalu is my favourite town in Estonia. It is like a sleeping beauty who has kept its beauty over hard times - small wooden houses and gardens, castle ruins, seaside promenade, seaside landscapes round the city. And people are kind and friendly. I love the special atmosphere over the town that is difficult to put in words but is definitely positive.
  11. Your current favourite piece from the Luxe Hapsal collection that you own?
    I own several dresses and a magnificent large Hapsal shawl in pink powder colour - I think it is one favourite. But the dresses also, perhaps the striped kaftan I have used most.
  12. What’s inspiring you in life right now?
    Estonian seaside landscapes, light over the sea and angels, guarding our lives.
  13. Biggest regret?
    I regret that I am so non sportiv type of person, so weak. And much toooo sensitive.
  14. Favourite travel destination? 
  15. What do you usually eat for breakfast?
    Buckwheat porridge.
  16. A book you recently finished?
    Julian Fellows "Belgravia".
  17. Dogs or cats?
  18. Favourite holiday? 
  19. One thing you’ve always wanted to try but you’ve been too scared to do?
    To walk on high heels. :)
  20. Favourite flower?
    OHH so many - Forget me not flower, lily of the valley, roses, yarrow etc.
  21. Do you like surprises?
    Not particulary.
  22. If you were not a painter, what would you be doing?
    If I had strength I'd be a good gardener.
  23. The best thing that happened this year?
    I hope my son's wedding party will be.
* Epp Maria wears the Anna Maxi Dress and Fatima Kaftan and ownes the hand made large Hapsal Shawl in old pink.